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11/12/2020 3:54 pm  #1

November 15th - NSA Team Appreciation Men's Tourney (8 teams)

Due to not being assured we can play on all 4 fields at City Park this weekend due to the inclement weather, we have postponed the Toys for Tots tournament until next weekend.  With that being the case, we should be able to play on City Park 2 and 3 on Sunday.  We will take a max of 8 teams for those that want to play.  The weather temps appear to be perfect, if the fields dry up.  Moe and I have decided to hold a Team Appreciation event for the first 8 Men's teams that want to play.  Please be at 35 points and below.  No 5.01 and higher players.

$250 entry fee - 3GG
1st Place - NSA Sub Dye Champion shirts
2nd Place - NSA Batting Gloves
3rd place - TBD

1. Hobos
2. GWI
3. Bad Company 2.0
4. Your Momma & Them
5. We Dem Boyz
6. Graveley
7. B&B 50’s
8. Ball Hogz

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