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1/06/2020 12:56 am  #1

2020 NSA North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia Slowpitch Schedule

1-5-2020 The locations and dates for North Carolina and a partial listing for South Carolina are listed below.  We will be adding more Virginia dates in the near future.

How to Qualify:

State Tournaments - Must play in at least one qualifier
Eastern World Series - Must play in at least one qualifier, plus the State
Super World Series - Win an NIT, play the State and Eastern World Series OR an at large bid to the Super World Series by playing 4 qualifiers, State and Eastern World Series.

18th - Lexington, SC - NSA Winter Championship
25th - Myrtle Beach, SC - NSA Hall of Fame Banquet.  Everyone is invited to attend.

1st-2nd - Super Bowl Weekend
8-9th - Eden, NC - NSA Winter State with paid Winter World to winner
14-16th - Myrtle Beach - NSA Winter Worlds (Bronze and Co-Ed) (Will start on Friday)
21-23rd - Myrtle Beach - NSA Winter Worlds (Gold, Silver and Women) (Will start on Friday)
29th - March 1 - Rock Hill, SC - NSA Battle at the Border   See for info

7-8th - Burlington, NC - 18th Annual NSA March Madness 
14-15th - Rock Hill - Carolina Wars & 5-Star Series   See for info
21-23rd -  ***CANCELED COVID-19*** Burlington, NC - 13th Annual NSA Iron Man - 6GG (2-day tournament) **Postponed**
28-29th - ***CANCELED COVID-19*** York, SC and Cherokee, NC - See for info **Postponed**

4-5th - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Burlington, NC - NSA Hall of Fame Classic (5 Game Guarantee)
11-12th - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Rock Hill, SC - Easter One-Day Classic
18-19th - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Eden, NC - Two Rivers Classic
18-19th - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Salem / Roanoke, VA - Chance Crawford Softball Tournament
25-26th - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Burlington, NC - NSA Spring Championship Chase for the Rings

2-3rd - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Rock Hill, SC - Mighty Casey Super NIT
9th - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Burlington, NC - Mother's Day One Day (Co-Ed Only)
16-17th - 
23-24 - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Burlington, NC - NSA Bud Light Memorial Day Super NIT

6-7 - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Burlington, NC - 4th Annual Haterz Athletics Uniform Giveaway
6-7 - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Cherokee, NC - 
13-14 - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Spartanburg, SC
20-21 - ***CANCELED COVID-19***  York, SC
27-28 ***CANCELED COVID-19***  Burlington, NC - NSA Worth / Miken Bat Giveaway - 10 per team to winners

4-5 - Rock Hill, SC - The 7th Annual NSA Firecracker   See for info
11-12th - Gaffney, SC - State Warm-Up (Paid state to winners)
18-19th - Lexington, SC - NSA Super State (All classes) - NC teams are allowed to play
25-26 - Burlington, NC - NSA Super State - All classes with RINGS to the Winners

1-2 - Burlington, NC - NSA Super State (Make Up Date) - All classes with RINGS to the Winners
1-2 - Burlington, NC - NSA Worth / Miken Bat Giveaway - 10 per team to winners
1-2 - Salem, VA - VA NSA Super State (Men's Silver, Bronze and Women)  ***NC teams are allowed***
8-9th - 
15-16th - Rock Hill, SC - Outlaw Softball World Series, powered by NSA - Bring what you want!  See for details
22-23rd - Burlington, NC - Super State Make-Up IF NC has not opened up yet due to Covid-19, otherwise this will be the NSA World Series Warm-Up (Paid bid to Worlds)

29-30th - Rock Hill, SC - NSA Eastern World Series - Must play in a State to attend***

12-13th - Burlington, NC - NSA Bash for Cash
19-20th - Burlington, NC - NSA Fall State (Rings to the Winners)
25-27th - Myrtle Beach, SC  NSA SUPER WORLD SERIES (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Women) ***Friday play required***

3-4 - Rock Hill, SC  - SouthEast Championship
10-11 - Burlington, NC - NSA Swinging for a Cure
17-18 - Burlington and Eden, NC - 19th Annual NSA Halloween Havoc
24-25 - Burlington, NC (Fairchild only 8 teams max) - 

31-Nov 1 - 

7-8 - Eden, NC - NSA Mid-Atlantic 1-Pitch  ***Rings to the Winners***
14-15 - Burlington, NC - NSA Toys for Tots
21-22 - Eden, NC - NSA 250 *****RINGS to the WINNERS***** (Men on Saturday, Co-Ed Sunday)
28-29 - Myrtle Beach, SC - NSA Turkey Trot   See for info

5-6 - Eden, NC - NSA 2021 Winter World Qualifier (Paid bid to the 2020 WWS @ Myrtle Beach)
12-13 - Lexington, SC - NSA St. Jude's Blast-A-Way

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Re: 2020 NSA North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia Slowpitch Schedule

Uhh...2 drapes and a midair with NO damage to the Zero, thank you constitutes some gun damage at least. Hey, how about that friendly fire incident?

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